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Feast, famine, and obesity – cheap corn

Paradoxically, in the past 100 years, the increased production of food has also increased the levels of food insecurity in the world. Wouldn’t it make sense that if there is more food, there are less people who are hungry? Unfortunately, the world is not so simple. Where the food is produced is as important as […]

Limitations and understanding: Economic theories du jour

It’s very easy to concentrate power and inequality. In fact, there’s not much to it. So when trying to understand economic theories, one needs to approach it from the angle of whether the economic policy will help or hurt the masses, whether there are specific groups affected, and what the effects are in the short-term, […]

Wealth and the storage of food

All wealth is just the storage of food. Or, more pedantically, wealth allows one the ability to buy and trade for the necessities of life, food and water being among them, at a later date. Food and water, by themselves, are also wealth. A corollary of this is that all wealth comes from the land. […]

Lessons from Kenya

In March 2012, I traveled to Kenya to help with some projects in the villages around Siaya county. For years, I’ve donated money to various organizations, but I’ve never been on the ground. I’ve had friends who’ve worked with Doctors without Borders and Engineers without Borders, so I’ve heard various accounts about what happens on […]