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Too much moo-lah spent on raw milk court battle

Why is raw milk such a contentious issue? I’ve gone through the big picture regarding raw milk in the previous link. But considering in British Columbia this affects a few hundred people, it seems that it’s out of line to spend over $200,000 in court fees. I just spent a few days watching a court […]

Raw milk and the big picture

Would you imagine that a hundred years ago that there was a fight for pasteurization? The irony isn’t lost on me that now there is a fight for raw milk. But the main question hasn’t changed over the past century. Would you want to eat or drink a product from any animal that’s diseased? Doesn’t […]

Why are cows fed corn?

Or for that matter, why are cows fed anything but grass? Recently, livestock was actually being fed candy! You can’t make this stuff up. At least, I can’t make this stuff up. I suppose it makes a bit of sense, considering there was a drought and corn was too expensive. There has been an interesting […]

Feast, famine, and obesity – cheap corn

Paradoxically, in the past 100 years, the increased production of food has also increased the levels of food insecurity in the world. Wouldn’t it make sense that if there is more food, there are less people who are hungry? Unfortunately, the world is not so simple. Where the food is produced is as important as […]